Memorial Gifts

Memorial Gifts

A Guide to Providing Memorial and Special Gifts

We, of the First Congregational Church of North Attleborough, welcome gifts given in memory of those who have been, and continue to be, part of our lives, our church, and our community. We also welcome bequests and non-memorial special gifts. These might be an expression of gratitude to God, or they might be in tribute to someone, or in honor of some special occasion, such as a Baptism, Confirmation, Birthday, Marriage, or Anniversary.

Memorial gifts may be given for a specific project or item that supports the worship and ministry of Oldtown Church. Church leadership will work together with the givers to determine an appropriate project or item for the gift to support. Items such as hymnals, bibles, furnishings, candlesticks, and other things have been given as memorial gifts in the past. Gifts can be “named” with an appropriate plaque or card, or they can be anonymous. Any funds remaining from a gift exceeding the cost of the gift will go to the General Memorial Fund.

Gifts to the General Memorial Fund are kept in an investment account for the church. The principal (original) amount of each gift is maintained in perpetuity as a named line item in the memorial account, for donations of $500 or more. The interest earned by these memorial gifts is made available for the general operating expenses of the church.

Click the “Memorial Gift” button below to give a memorial gift online. Be sure to include your contact information along and describe in whom or what the gift is given in memory in the memo field.