Here at Oldtown, everything we do is done in the light of ministry. We try to keep the concept of serving others – whether they be part of our church family, our local community, or our brothers and sisters around the world – ever-present in our minds. So much so that in early 2018, we decided to replace the term “Committee” with “Ministry” in our church vocabulary. When focusing on the work to be done for the church, it is very easy to lose sight of the reasons we’re are doing the work. This is why we feel that using the word “Ministry” instead of “Committee” is a very important change, even if it is changing only a single word.

All of the work that we do as a church is ministry, and all of us are called by Jesus to be ministers. In addition to the ministries that meet on a regular basis to carry out the work of the church, there are also a few “special” ministries we perform here at Oldtown.

Oldtown Pet Clinic

In 2013, Dr. Peter Granville, DVM, a member of Oldtown Church, suggested hosting a monthly pet vaccination clinic at the church to help raise funds for the church’s General Fund and Building Fund. Dr. Granville provides a similar service at the North Attleboro Animal Shelter on the third Wednesday of each month, in addition to operating mobile veterinary service. In…

Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Oldtown Prayer Shawl Ministry provides hand-knitted prayer shawls to those needing comfort and prayer. Our ministry was started in 2008, but the idea of a Prayer Shawl Ministry dates back further than that. In 1998, Janet Bristow and Victoria Galo, two 1997 Women’s Leadership Institute graduates at The Hartford Seminary in Hartford, CT, began the ministry.…