Amistad Chapel Farewell Celebration

Amistad Chapel Farewell Celebration

On March 13, Amistad Sunday, the chapel will host its last worship service at 2:30 p.m. ET, a commemoration of the mission and ministry of the building lovingly referred to as “700 Prospect.”

It’s sacred space. A gathering place. A vessel of God’s love, of worship, and extravagant welcome. The Amistad Chapel at the United Church of Christ Church House has served all those roles since 2000, anchoring the downtown Cleveland building that has been home to the denomination’s national headquarters since 1990.

All three current executive officers will be involved in the worship. More than a dozen participants will include past presidents, a Conference minister, youth, and representatives of the UCC’s historically underrepresented groups in a service with both live and taped elements.

The 90-minute service will be streamed on the UCC’s Facebook page and YouTube channel with no registration needed. Those interested in attending via Zoom can register here.


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