Crafting A Daily Practice: Listening to Wisdom

Crafting A Daily Practice: Listening to Wisdom

An Online Workshop with Suzanne L. Vinson –  The Art of Living Series, presented by the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ (SNEUCC)

By listening mindfully to our inner thoughts and the words we encounter in our daily readings, podcasts, over media, and in conversations, we will curate a colorful deck of wisdom cards. These are words that speak to our mind, heart, and soul. These are words we want to name, hold, and remember.

Our workshop will offer mindful practices of deep listening, creativity, and spiritual practice. The workshop will be filled with engaging practice as soul care. By the end, you will have the beginnings of your wisdom card deck as well as practices to incorporate into the art of daily living.


  • Something to draw on / Index cards, card stock, back of a cereal box
  • Something to cut with /Scissors
  • something to draw with / pens, pencils
  • Something to make color with / crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolors

It’s ideal to have a combination of these items, and utilizing what you have easy access to works beautifully.

Rev. Suzanne L. Vinson is an artist, mother, and pastor living an intentional life toward wholeness, kindhearted listening, and compassionate care. She lives in Richmond, Virginia with the love of her life and their two kids – sweet boy and sweet pea. Suzanne creates soul wisdom art, meant to deepen the experience of life, delight, and connection. Find her art and book, Broken Wide Whole: Prayers for Daily Living at and learn more at

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