Job Creation and Climate Action

Job Creation and Climate Action

To emerge from the pandemic, an economic recovery that prioritizes jobs and justice is desperately needed. Now is a time to cast a vision for a holistic recovery that is guided by a commitment to employment, affordable housing, racial justice, public health, and a transition to a decarbonized economy. This webinar will focus on what a just recovery would look like and what faith communities can do to call for legislation that embodies our values. Our featured speakers will include:

  • Natalie Mebane, Associate Director of United States Policy at
  • Bracken Hendricks, Evergreen Action Co-Founder, Roosevelt Institute Fellow, and Urban Ingenuity CEO
  • Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll, Founder and CEO of Green The Church

This monthly installment of Creation Justice Webinars is co-hosted by the Rev. Dr. Brooks Berndt who serves as the Minister of Environmental Justice for the United Church of Christ and the Rev. Michael Malcom who serves as the Executive Director for Alabama Interfaith Power & Light and the People’s Justice Council.


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