Journey to the Waters

Journey to the Waters

Wider Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ presents “Wednesdays with the World,” sharing the mission and ministry of the United Church of Christ, at home and around the world. The series will look at what Associate General Minister Karen Georgia Thompson calls “opportunities of a glocal scope and involvement with many issues.”

“In Wider Church Ministries, we are connecting the members and settings of the United Church of Christ with the world. We are globally focused and locally rooted,” Thompson said. “We will be highlighting the ways in which the quest for justice is intersectional and global, allowing UCC members greater opportunities for increased awareness of global concerns — our connectedness — and highlighting options for advocacy and action.”

This first episode of “Wednesdays with the World” will mark the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The day honors the memory of the millions whose lives were interrupted and disrupted by slavery.

Thompson will officiate a service to create space to honor and remember many whose names are unknown—those lost or buried without funerals or other rituals. It will be a time for lament, to remember through song, poetry, and prayers, the resilience, courage, resistance, ingenuity, and rebellion of Africans who were brought forcefully into the Americas.


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