Juneteenth: Revealing Hidden Histories

Juneteenth: Revealing Hidden Histories

On Friday, June 17 at 12:00 PM, the United Church of Christ presents a free online webinar titled Juneteenth: Revealing Hidden Histories.

Remembering the day that news of emancipation reached the last outpost of enslaved people in Texas, Juneteenth acknowledges God’s sacred people of African descent. Sacred acknowledgment is recognition of birthplace—the cradle of civilization on the continent of Africa. Sacred acknowledgment is a celebration of cultural expressions as first peoples, free people, multilingual, multiethnic, and multi-talented artisans, scientists, creators, builders, navigators, writers, thinkers, and orators. Sacred acknowledgment is remembering and honoring the generations of untold stories that are waiting to be revealed within these sacred bodies.

Amidst growing efforts to suppress the truths of our history, join the United Church of Christ for our Juneteenth 2022 Celebration as African and African American descendants— geniuses of spoken word and cultural oral traditions—reveal hidden histories so we might take up our roles in the unfolding story of God’s liberating love.


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