Oldtown Pet Clinic
  • 675 Old Post Road
    North Attleboro, MA 02760

  • Entrance at the rear of the church

Oldtown Pet Clinic

Our next pet vaccination clinic will be held on Saturday, April 13, from 11am to noon. Please call/text 508-212-4774 or email petclinic@oldtownucc.org for information, fees, and to make an appointment for dog and cat vaccinations, heartworm tests, or deworming. RI residents and walk-ins are also welcome. Vaccinations and tests are individually priced, without additional clinic or other fees.

Registration via phone or text will be used. Appropriate social distancing is advised. Owners will be checked in at their cars in the rear parking lot. Pets and owners will be received outside the building when it is their turn for service.

All cats must be in carriers, and dogs must be on leashes and muzzles as necessary Services will be provided by Dr. Peter Granville, DVM. The entrance to the vaccination clinic is at the back of the church, to the rear of the parking lot; follow the signs. Please remain in your car until you are called.

We can also use some help greeting folks and their pets. If you’re available, please SIGN UP ONLINE – we’d love to have you join us!

Price List for Oldtown Church Pet Clinic

(note new pricing as of April 29, 2023)

Rabies (1yr / 3yr): $38
Distemper (5-in-1): $35
Kennel Cough: $35
Lyme Vaccination: $44
Heartworm Blood Test: $44
Deworming (for hook and roundworms): $12
Nail Cutting: $16

Rabies (1yr / 3yr): $38
Distemper (4-in-1): $35
Leukemia: $35
Deworming (for hook and roundworms): $12
Nail Cutting: $12

(“Heartguard” medicine is no longer sold at the clinic.)

Cash or personal checks accepted
Please make checks payable to Peter Granville, DVM

Services are provided by Dr. Peter Granville, DVM.
Mobile Veterinary Service


    • Jim Fennell

      Hello, Diana,

      I will pass your questions along, and someone will get back to you in order to be sure your concerns are addressed.

      ~ Jim Fennell

    • Jim Fennell

      Hello again,

      I checked with Dr. Granville to make sure I was providing you with accurate information. We don’t do exams or tests other than heartworm tests at the vaccination clinics at the church.

      Dr. Granville does have a mobile veterinary service, and he can be reached by email at petdocna@gmail.com or by phone at 508-223-7680 if you’d like to talk with him about providing the services you need or answering your questions further.

      Grace and Peace,

      ~ Jim Fennell

  1. Lindsey

    Are we not allowed to go in with our pets while they are getting vaccines? Handing my dog over to someone and having them walk him away from me might be upsetting to him. He is not aggressive at all, but being taken away from the owner seems like it would cause distress…

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