We are thrilled to announce our plans to return to in-person worship at Oldtown on Sunday, August 15th. Our reconnection team continues to work hard to ensure that we are returning in a manner that we can safely welcome everyone back in our traditional spirit of “All Are Welcome!”

We are working to clean and prepare our building to welcome first-time visitors and long-time in-person worshipers alike! As you might imagine, some things may be a little different, especially in the first few weeks as we work out what it means to meet together and again and worship in person as the Body of Christ in Oldtown.

Everyone will have their own feelings and their own level of comfort in returning to worship together, and as always, we ask that you respect everyone’s personal feelings and personal space. There may also be those who are as yet uncomfortable meeting together in person, and that is perfectly fine too. Rest assured, we will continue to post our Oldtown Shorts videos online relating to the message delivered from the pulpit each Sunday, and the text of each sermon will also be posted online shortly afterward, usually during the following week.

Please stay safe and take care of each other!


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