1774: Attleborough Solemn League and Covenant by Dr. Samuel A. Forman
  • 675 Old Post Road
    North Attleboro, MA 02760

1774: Attleborough Solemn League and Covenant by Dr. Samuel A. Forman

Harvard professor, historian, and author Dr. Samuel A. Forman will discuss Attleboro’s early role in the Revolutionary War and the rare document: Attleborough’s Solemn League and Covenant. In 1774, Attleboro became one of the first communities in the colonies to suspend commerce with Great Britain!

Exclusive reprints of the document will be for sale. Tickets are free, but reserving a spot is required by going to the event page on Eventbrite.

The history of Oldtown Church, the church home of many of the 1774 document signers, will also be provided. When this document was signed, North Attleborough had not yet been created; back then, all of what is now Attleboro and North Attleborough was referred to as Attleborough. Our church’s history goes back to the incorporation of Attleborough in 1694. At that time, an incorporated town needed a church meeting house at its center. Early in 1710, the town voted to build a meeting house which wasn’t completed until 1714, our first church meeting house. Shortly, we outgrew that first building and a second meeting house was constructed in 1728, which served the community for one hundred years. Then, in 1828, our current church building was constructed and still serves today as a living, breathing church–proud of our history and proud to continue serving our community and worshiping every Sunday!


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