MLK Day of Service

MLK Day of Service

“By the time we reached the counter,
we’d already won.”

Dr. James Lawson
Theologian & Tactician of Non-Violence within the Civil Rights Movement

As part of the Martin Luther King Day of Service, the UCC National Setting is providing a teach-in of Kingian principles of non-violent action. The information will be provided online over two days, February 15th and 16th, from 6:00–8:00pm ET. The cost of $35 covers both sessions.

Join Chuck Alphin, Certified Kingian Non-violence Trainer, in two, 2-hour teach-in sessions to explore:

  • The Myths and Facts of Nonviolence
  • Types and Levels of Conflict
  • Six Principals of Kingian Non-violence
  • Six Applications of Kingian Non-violence


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