Tidings of Comfort and Joy – Christmas Eve

Tidings of Comfort and Joy – Christmas Eve


Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Folks, there are a lot of things that bring us a sense of comfort, aren’t there?
A candle in a window on a cold, dark night,
A cozy blanket to wrap up in tight,
A friend or a family member when you are feeling alone,
Or a home-cooked meal when you’re far away from home.

Sometimes it’s a rhyme or a story we repeat,
And other times it’s fuzzy sock we put on our feet.
But if the truth be told, you might be surprised
Because the comfort we feel, actually comes from inside.

Sure the candles and blankets and socks lead the way.
But we feel that when our hearts tell our heads it’s okay.
And when we feel that feeling of comfort and love,
We can’t help but feel that it comes from above.

That God is holding us in God’s loving hands,
A message we should share, throughout the lands.
A message of kindness. A message of peace.
A message that calls for fighting and wars to cease.

“It’s a dream,” some will say, “it will never come true.”
Not unless we ALL pitch in, me and you.
And work to be kind, and share when we can,
Living by faith as we follow God’s plan.

Because even back on that night long ago,
There were people and things that brought comfort, you know.

The angels, who comforted and said, “Don’t be scared.”
As, FOR Mary and Joesph and the shepherds, they cared.

And the innkeeper who showed Mary the way
To a place where her baby could be born in the hay.

The animals, they too, did what they could
Sharing their home, like they understood
How sacred this night was for Mary and Joe
And how holy that baby was, that was born long ago.

The wise men who felt, called to search afar
Quickly found comfort, in following a star.
Not knowing why, or where they would roam,
The star led them miles and miles from home.

To an animal stall in a quaint little town
They traveled, not telling anyone around
About what they found on that amazing day
A tiny baby, asleep in the hay.

Folks, we may not be shepherds, new parents, or kings,
But we too search for comfort and the kindness it brings.

So, this year, when the Christmas season is through,
Let’s see what each of us can do.

Because everyone has a tough day now and then,
And they long to know that they have a friend
Who would give them a smile, or share a favorite book,
To remind them that there is good in the world if we look.

So let’s reach out to the lonely and those who feel blue
To share a kind word or a kind act or two.

Friends, that is a message we all should share,
To bring hope and love back to every town square.

Because when you are kind, and you fill another with cheer,
You can’t help but have an amazing new year.
A year filled with hope, and peace, joy, and love,
And a special blessing from God above.

Because just like the star that shined over Bethlehem town,
Our light can help, too, if we shine it around.
And if we share it with others, we can’t help but find
That our light will shine on your own path at the same time.

Well, the time has come for our lessons and carols
When we hear and sing about the angels that herald
The good news that happened in the stable that night.
So get comfy, listen, and get ready to light.

The candles that will remind us of that special day
And the light of Christ that came to the world in a special way.

To light the way for me and for you
And encourage us to be kind in what we say and do.

So here is the story, every year that we hear.
May it bring you tidings of comfort and joy this year!


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