2017 Building & Grounds Ministry Report

2017 Building & Grounds Ministry Report


Members of the committee were as follows: David Kingman (Chairman), Edmund Clavette (Secretary), Edward Collins, Peter Gaw, Peter Granville and James Koepfler.

This committee meets each month on Sunday prior to the Church Committee meeting. At these meetings, smaller projects are chosen and responsibilities assigned to committee members through the completion of the project. The committee also plans bigger projects depending on urgency and priority. We also react, whether by phone or emergency meeting, to address any issue that should arise. During 2017 we performed  and oversaw the following actions:

  1. Oversaw the replacement of the Fire Dept Master Box battery after the NAFD notified us that they received a weak battery signal.
  2. Installed a temporary tread board at the beginning of the ramp, later replaced with cement.
  3. Replaced the faucet, seats, and washers in the two vestry bathrooms.
  4. Replaced batteries in the programmable thermostats and various blown out light bulbs.
  5. Oversaw the completion of the annual NA Building Certification Inspection. Passed without findings.
  6. Replaced the upper sash on the third window lower level with a reconditioned sash, and reglazed the lower sash as a temporary repair.
  7. Oversaw two semiannual tests of the back-flow valve on the dishwasher by NAWD. Passed both times.
  8. Ensured all eight fire extinguishers received annual inspection and all passed.
  9. Installed and removed air conditioner for pastor’s office.
  10. Repaired the Schoolhouse ladies room toilet base, installing a riser to better secure the toilet to the floor.
  11. Oversaw the annual inspection and testing of the church’s fire alarm system of nine smoke detectors, twenty-nine heat detectors, three pull boxes and the reporting system to the NAFD. All passed.
  12. Installed a downspout extension at the pipe on the Maxcy Hall ramp entrance.
  13. Set up dehumidifiers in the vestry and kitchen for the summer maintenance.
  14. The east exterior wall of the schoolhouse was scraped and painted.
  15. The north side garden masonry caps were reset by Raposa Mansory. They did a terrific job at a reasonable price. Thank you Peter Granville for furnishing the stones needed for the job.
  16. Overhauled the schoolhouse exterior spotlight fixture and installed an electric eye and LED flood light.
  17. Removed a bird’s nest from the north side bulkhead eave. Secured panels to prevent return.
  18. Called for oil furnace maintenance and oversaw the replacement of a fuel pump to motor coupling by MS Heating and Air Conditioning Inc.
  19. Managed pond level to prevent water damage to church.
  20. Corrected frozen water supply line to church at foundation point in the kitchen. Unfroze the line and installed heating tape to protect from further freeze. It was a bitter cold week and beginning to 2018.
  21. All lawns and grounds maintained by Peter Gaw, Thank You Peter! These and so many other tasks were accomplished by the committee and our congregation.

Thanks to Henry Chretien, Dave Kingman, Jim Brinson, Ed Collins, Peter Gaw, Dan Thibeault and so many others that continue to care and make this place a beautiful, welcoming and holy place.

Respectfully submitted,
David Kingman
Chairman, Building & Grounds Committee