Church Committee Meeting Notes Mar. 9, 2021

Church Committee Meeting Notes Mar. 9, 2021

MARCH 9, 2021

Attending: Pastor Kelly Thibeault, Ed Clavette, Jim Brinson, Jeannette Galvin, Jim Fennell, Deb Fennell, Kris Collins, Steve Mankavech, Cindi Barkley, Deanne Bellinger, Carolyn Chretien, and Leah Moynihan.

Pastor Kelly opened the meeting with a prayer.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Jim Koepfler was unable to attend but sent out reports ahead of the meeting.

  • About $1,200 was added to the building fund
  • Questions about the electric bill had been raised before. Ed Clavette now has the figures and will compare them to see if there were actual readings or were they estimates.

Leah now arrived and took over the meeting.

BOARD OF DEACONS: Jeannette Galvin

  • They met and discussed future plans as everyone looks forward to getting back into the sanctuary.


  • Oil tanks for both buildings filled again last week.
  • Security camera working again thanks to Jim Fennell. Ed asked if we should keep the film for a year or erase and start again. Jim Brinson suggested wiping it clean. All agreed.
  • Ed sent a job description to both Leah and Pastor. Leah thanked him.
  • He said that Jim Koepfler, Peter Gaw, Ed Collins and himself would be serving on the group this year. He hadn’t heard from Peter Granville. Zeph Halsey will not be serving this year.


  • They have met twice–Pastor Kelly, Cindi Barkley, Linda Vogler and Steve
  • They are re-programming and will do a needs assessment
  • Working on a mission statement
  • As they discuss the future, a survey of the congregation will be made to help them with their planning.
  • Hoping to expand and have programs for all ages from youth to adults.


  • COVID-19 caused discontinuing the program at the church.
  • NAHS teachers picked it up last spring and held gatherings remotely. Pastor Kelly has not heard of any activity recently.
  • Ed said he hopes to be able to start up again and have groups when it is safe to do so.


  • Hoping to set up a group in a couple of weeks to discuss plans.
  • Ed continues to sell items online and will continue to do suppers.


  • Have not met yet but will be shortly.
  • Cindi has been contacting charities and groups that we have donated to before to see if they are accepting donations and also what items are needed.
  • Ed informed her that there was a grocery cart full of canned goods and other items in the Missions Room. She will check it out.


  • Not much going on. Keeping an eye on the piano and also the organ gets played occasionally.
  • He supports Pastor Kelly as much as he can.
  • Thanks to Ed Clavette for looking back through recordings of our services and picking out some of the music played.
  • We are very lucky to have these recordings to fall back on, as many other churches do not have them.
  • Thanks to Pastor Kelly and Dan for putting together our beautiful services.
  • Pastor Kelly thanks everyone!


  • Not a while lot going on. She and Jim Fennell are working on a mission statement.
  • John Schmalz indicated on his pledge card he was interested. Not contacted yet.


  • Feb. 14th–Mary Pat Koepfler, Jim F., Pastor Kelly, and Kevin met.
  • Working on understanding what stewardship is and developing a mission statement.
  • Looking into what resources there are.
  • Discussion spiritual gifts.
  • Hope to put something in the Friday emails.
  • Next meeting–March 14th.


  • Pat Sanford has volunteered along with Kris Collins, Deanne Bellinger, Cindi Barkley, and Kevin Graves.
  • A Zoom meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 17th, at 7 PM. Pastor Kelly will set this up and the links will be in the Sunday bulletin.


  • She was contacted by Pete Santsaver’s family to hold a collation at the church on June 12th which would have been their 73rd wedding anniversary. Pete passed away on Feb. 27th. Pastor told them we would have to see if we were open at that time.
  • No request has been made for UCC support. This used to be called “fellowship dues,” etc. and amounts to about $20 per person. We now pay a percentage and it amounts to about the same. She will put something in this Friday’s email.
  • She talked about the Weekly Wonder and how it’s just for people to share and asked not to share it this week.
  • Holy Week and Easter are coming up. They will look back at what we did last year. Fabric strips will be mailed out.
  • Carolyn mentioned that two of our inactive members had passed away recenty–Peter Santsaver and Donald Gagne.
  • We also had contact from one of our former choir directors from years past–Donald Murphy. He and his wife had gone on a tour of the Holy Land and they presented us with an olive wood carving of the Last Supper. He hoped it would be on display on Communion Sundays. It was on display at Maundy Thursday service two years ago when we were in the sanctuary.
  • Jim Fennell has looked into our Comcast service, etc.
  • He has been working with Carolyn on a contact list online. He hopes to get it set up in a week or two and it will be accessed by Pastor, Clerk, and Jim as technical person.
  • Jim has also amended the call agreement for Pastor Kelly.


  • This Sunday (Mar. 14) marks the one year anniversary of our YouTube servies. They will do a clip show of the past year and there may be a big surprise.
  • April 11th–Pastor Kelly will have a week off. The Deacons in collaboration with the UCC and the Southern New England conference may use one of their services instead.
  • Jim Fennell gave an update on website workshops, seminars, etc. that are all available online at no cost. Pastor Kelly said there are lots of opportunities out there.
  • Leah felt this should be put in the weekly email. Jim will work something out online and all free.
  • Leah asked if we have a 2021 Directory–Ed told her it’s in the back of the Annual Meeting Report. He has also posted it in the church. He will send her a file.

As there was not further business, Pastor Kelly gave a closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn E. Chretien, Clerk

Next meeting: April 13, 2021 at 7:00 PM