The Pen Pal Project

The Pen Pal Project

The Pen Pal Project was begun by a North Attleboro high school teen and her mom to connect seniors to others in the community by a hand-written letter, in an attempt to ward off loneliness during the on-going pandemic. North Attleboro High School teens and senior citizens are invited to join the project.

Our brothers and sisters at the Central Congregational Church in Attleboro Falls invite all of us to be a part of this wonderful project, an excellent opportunity to reach out and make a connection with those in our community in need during these challenging times of isolation and change. This can be a very personally rewarding growth experience for young people and brightens the day of all who participate–the recipients and the senders.

Teens will have a drop-off box at North High to deposit their letters to a senior they have been matched with. Seniors will mail their letters to the Teens by using the PO Box provided on the flyer, after they have been matched up. The Project oversee-ers will then US Mail the letters to the recipients accordingly.

IMPORTANT: Neither the Teens’ nor the Seniors’ addresses will be shared between them, or with anyone else. Only the project volunteers will see the addresses and they will be kept confidential.

For more information and to learn how to participate, please see the attached flyer.