Annual Report of the Building and Grounds Ministry 2020

Annual Report of the Building and Grounds Ministry 2020

Members were as follows: David Kingman (Chairman), Edmund Clavette (Secretary), Edward Collins, Peter Gaw, Peter Granville, Zeph Halsey and James Koepfler.

Members meet each month on the Sunday, prior to the Church Committee meeting, to discuss actions, projects and responsibilities. We also plans bigger projects depending on urgency and priority. We also react, whether by phone or emergency meeting, to address any issue that should arise. During 2020 we performed and oversaw the following actions:

  1. Ensured that the church parking lot is plowed when necessary along with clearing and sanding the ramp, fire escape, bulkhead doors, front of the church and the path to the schoolhouse and its oil tank fill point. Also cleared the church’s mailbox.
  2. Managed pond level to prevent water damage to church.
  3. Replaced batteries in the programmable thermostats and various blown out lightbulbs.
  4. Oversaw the completion of the annual NA Building Certification inspection. Passed without findings.
  5. Oversaw two semiannual tests of the back-flow valve on the dishwasher by NAWD. Passed without findings.
  6. Ensured all fire extinguishers (8) received the annual visual inspection and all passed.
  7. Oversaw the annual inspection and testing of the church’s fire alarm system of 9 smoke detectors, 29 heat detectors, 3 pull boxes and the reporting system to the NAFD. All passed.
  8. Set up vestry and kitchen dehumidifiers for the summer maintenance.
  9. All lawns and grounds maintained by Peter Gaw, Thank You Peter!
  10. Contracted to have 5 pine trees removed from behind the church storage shed after another one snapped during a high winds storm.
  11. Put plexi-glass storm window in the kitchen for the winter.
  12. Backfilled hole under the concrete apron on the south side of the church near the kitchen window.
  13. Ordered and replaces batteries in two of the Emergency Lights in Maxcy Hall and replaced one Emergency Light assembly in the downstairs classroom hallway.
  14. Started repairs of the south side vestry window frames and adjacent walls.
  15. Removed Wasp nest from the exterior wall of Maxcy Hall at the rear fire escape stairs.
  16. Thanks to the NADPW for repainting the crosswalk to the schoolhouse.
  17. Had the temperature settings adjusted on the kitchen dishwasher to comply with new health code requirements.
  18. Replaced the 4 drawer file cabinet in the copy room with a used one of better construction.
  19. Setup security camera at the front of the church in February, and bought a new wifi extender to support this unit.
  20. Repaired loose tiles in one of Maxcy Hall’s restrooms.
  21. Installed 2nd handrail in the Maxcy Hall staircase to the classrooms below.

These and so many other tasks were accomplished by the B&G Mission and our congregation. Thanks to Henry Chretien, Ed Clavette, Ed Collins, Peter Gaw, Peter Granville, Dan Thibeault, Zeph Halsey and so many others that continue to care and make our church a beautiful, welcoming and holy place.

Respectfully submitted,
David Kingman
Chairman, Building & Grounds Mission