Annual Report of the Flower Ministry 2019

Annual Report of the Flower Ministry 2019

The Flower Ministry would like to thank everyone for their part in beautifying our church here at Oldtown. in 2019.

For Easter, we had a total of 46 plants – a mixture of lilies, tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths. They added to the beauty of our sanctuary and gave celebration to the Resurrection of Jesus.

For Christmas, we had 26 beautiful red and white poinsettias to adorn the sanctuary. They added to the joy of our Savior’s birth.

Thanks to all of you that made donations, of remembrance or in celebration, to add to these joyous occasions.

The Todd Garden, along with all of the outside areas, was impeccably cared for this past year. Special thanks go to Kris Collins for her time, talent, and donations to these areas. Also, many thanks go to Carolyn Chretien for keeping the ramp-way decorated, and for keeping our Ministry in line.

A new program, or perhaps the re-birth of an old program was initiated – and that being the weekly donations of Altar flowers. From Oct 6th through December 29th, nine bouquets were donated in memory of loved ones, or in celebration. Thank you to those that donated and added to the beauty of the Altar beyond Easter and Christmas.

Respectfully submitted,
Cindi Barkley, Jennie Twyman, Perilene Twyman