Annual Report of the Flower Ministry 2022

Annual Report of the Flower Ministry 2022

Although the outdoor gardens were scaled back with care this year, they were still maintained, were able to thrive, and added to the beauty of our church building.

We started the return of the Altar Flower Donations. A chart was posted and anyone is able to sign up to bring flowers for the altar, in memory of, or in celebration of a loved one. We have had many beautiful arrangements: some from home gardens and others from florists – each one as beautiful as the next.

Our Easter brought us a beautiful spring garden with a variety of colors and plants … 12 Lilies, 17 Daffodils, 18 Tulips, and 11 Hyacinths. That gave us a total of 58 colorful plants to adorn the Altar. Thanks to all who donated.

Our Advent season started with the Hanging of the Greens. Thanks to Ed & Kris Collins and Perilene Twyman, the greenery was hung from the balcony the day before. Then on the first Sunday of Advent, the congregation assisted in the remaining decorating by: hanging of the wreaths, bringing the Advent wreath forward, bringing poinsettias forward, and setting up Nativity scenes. Our sanctuary was truly blessed with the warmth and beauty of Christmas.

For Christmas Sunday, the Altar was adorned with 35 poinsettias with their bright red leaves and gold wrapped pots. The sanctuary was now complete to await the coming of the Chosen One. Many, many thanks to Kris Collins for the pick-up and arranging of the plants. And again, many thanks to those who donated.

Respectfully submitted:
Cindi Barkley