Church Committee Meeting Notes Apr. 13, 2021

Church Committee Meeting Notes Apr. 13, 2021

APRIL 13, 2021

Attending: Pastor Kelly Thibeault, Leah Moynihan, Deanne Bellinger, Kris Collins, Cindi
Barkley, Edmund Clavette, Jim Koepfler, Jim and Deb Fennell, Jeannette Galvin, and Carolyn Chretien.

Leah Moynihan, Moderator, called the meeting to order and asked Pastor Kelly to give an opening prayer.


  • Jim explained some of the changes he had made to the Feb. columns and a transfer to Dan T.
  • Changes to expense for salary, housing, pension, etc. Next payment is due May 1st.
  • Some high expenses due to snow storm plowing, 2 Comcast payments in Mar.
  • He will not list individual online giving in the detail sheet anymore, but will use Deb’s figures instead.
  • Leah asked about AA numbers–we do not charge them for use of the schoolhouse, but accept their donations. They are most supportive of our church and appreciative of all we do for them.
  • Electric bill–Ed looked into why our KWH was so high when the building is not in use.
  • Our dehumidifiers ran later this fall and we also ran the pond pump, etc. We received a credit from NAED on both buildings this month as part of their policy, so the numbers were nice and low.

BOARD OF DEACONS: Jeannette Galvin

  • Small gathering last Sunday. Adrift right now, but that will change when activities start up again.
  • Their opinion is that 48% of people would say it’s too soon to reopen and 48% would say it’s not soon enough!


  • Things were quiet during March.
  • He and Peter Gaw have attacked the brush, etc. growing in the back lot. Rented a
    brush cutter that did not work that well, so Ed has bought his own and it’s great. Plans are to clean out along the pond on our side and also the neighbor’s. Before the
    meeting ended Ed asked for permission to clear out the brush around the tree near the street in front of the schoolhouse. This will provide a bit more space to set up yard sale items.
  • Peter mowed the lawn last Saturday.
  • AA called Ed to let him know the toilets in the schoolhouse had blocked up. Roto-
    Rooter was called and it seems a tree had compromised the pipe. The roots at the end of the pipe were cleared for $500 and now results of what the camera found at the bottom of the cesspool are awaited.
  • Plans are still ongoing with the flag pole at the schoolhouse.
  • Regretfully we heard the news that Ed Collins resigned from the ministry. Thank you
    for years of service.


  • They have met three times since last Church Committee meeting’
  • Completed the CE Ministry Missions survey and placed on Church Website 3/26/21.
  • The Christian Education Ministry seeks to enhance ongoing learning and spiritual growth through sacred events, learned experiences, and shared moments, by building relationships across and between all generations.
    Community, fellowship, and Church Heritage are highly valued. Christian Education is a lifelong process that encourages youth and adults to be curious and wonder while sharing and embracing the mystery of our faith.
  • The completed survey will be sent electronically within the next 2 weeks. Participants will have approximately 2 weeks to complete the very Short Survey. The information will be tabulated and the findings will be made available within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • (Those that require a paper copy will have it mailed to them. Questions regarding the
    survey can be sent to the CE Website and a CE Ministry member will respond to the
  • Initial planning is underway in the development of CE programming. The survey will
    assist in the process. There is a clear effort to have CE Programming designed for
    adults, early and older adolescents.


  • Talking to figure out what can be done outside rather than inside.
  • 1st Pet Clinic was held last Saturday (4/10) with 11 people bringing pets. They were
    very happy to come and it all ran quite smoothly. One more person to help would be
    great. Ed is working on pre-registration by email – -an automatic form would speed
    things up. Church’s share is $382 for this clinic.
  • Apr. 24–next pet clinic and then monthly after that.
  • Online sales by Ed–has sold 16 items and since January total is $930 with much more
    to sell.
  • Yard sales–when permitted will be held outside only. Brush will be cleared to give
    more space to set up tables.
  • Pastor Kelly said she had talked to the woman from the Board of Health about the
    kitchen inspection. Ed said he had also talked to her and when we are ready to reopen then the inspection will be done. We need to call a month in advance.
  • The back flow test has been done.
  • Jim Fennell has posted the Pet Clinic and the SAVERS collection on our website.
  • SAVERS–need for people with trucks to help deliver on Apr. 28th. Time is 2 PM so
    need to be at church between 1 and 1:30. Wait until the 21st to post.


  • Have not met yet but will before the next Church Committee meeting.
  • Concentration has been placed on immediate Church Community ie: Reconnection and Christian Ed.
  • Planning for an Undie Sunday collection on May 23rd.


  • Moving along. Thanks to our collection in the vault and selections Ed has pulled out we have a good supply of music for our services.
  • He’s keeping us up to date on licensing, etc.
  • Pastor thanked both Jim and Ed for all their work and help.


  • Have not met.
  • Hoping to get more information about the two things needed to become “open and affirming” when she attends the conference on May 8th.


  • Have not met.


  • Met 2 weeks ago and will meet tomorrow night–4/14
  • Discussed what needs to be done to open.
  • Our capacity is 280 people and we can have 50% occupancy. If seated in every other pew that would equal 61 people. Working on plan as to how to seat people.
  • Ventilation is a big concern.
  • Kevin Graves is getting some supplies of what’s needed and it would make sense to try and clean in small “bites” at a time and not try to do it all at once.
  • Soft surfaces such as the cushions and Bibles don’t require as much attention as hard surfaces.
  • No corporate singing is allowed–but we need to take one step at a time in all we do.


  • She enjoyed having the week off. She thought the UCC service that was on Sunday was quite nice. More progress is being made and they’re coming out with more programs now.
  • Lots of meetings are going on and excitement about reopening is high. We need to be ready.
  • Pastor Kelly said she doesn’t plan to take any more time off until August. She’ll talk to the Deacons about the first two weeks in August. Her family will gather at that time to take her father’s remains to Maine for burial.
  • Household Huddle will end for the summer as classes usually do.
  • Even when we reopen she plans to continue the Oldtown Shorts on YouTube.
  • Pastor is getting lots of calls now from people wanting memorial services for people who passed away during the pandemic as well as weddings coming up. She’s trying to keep the calendar together and steer everyone in the right direction.
  • The Santsavers had requested a collation in Maxcy Hall in June for their father Pete, but due to restrictions Maxcy Hall space would not be large enough to safely hold all their guests and serve food, etc. She will talk to Jim about this.
  • Jim Koepfler feels that at this point everything will be based on vaccination.
  • It seems as though everything is moving fast and changing almost day-to-day.


  • Now is the time the gardens awaken and Kris asked to have a notice in the Friday email asking for anyone to help with a general clean-up–raking and edging–of the garden on Saturday May 1st. They will gather at 9:30 AM weather permitting.
  • Kris said she thinks we will plant this year. We did not last summer due to COVID and the church buildings being closed.

As there was not further business to be conducted, Leah asked Pastor Kelly to give a closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn E. Chretien, Clerk

Next meeting: May 11, 2021 at 7:00 PM