Posts by Carolyn Chretien

Posts by Carolyn Chretien

Annual Report of the Historian 2022

Here we are trying to get back to some type of normalcy after all our experiences with the COVID pandemic. The last three years of school tours have been an experience. First we were closed for a year, and then we saw three classes before shutting down again. Last year the schedule sent to us was a hard one. Pastor Kelly was on her sabbatical so that meant Ed Clavette and…

Annual Report of the Clerk 2022

First Congregational Church January 30, 2022 The Annual Meeting and roll call of members of the First Congregational Church UCC of North Attleborough, Mass. was held on Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 11:00 AM via a ZOOM meeting. The church was once again closed for a one month PAUSE due to continuing problems caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. Members convened on their…

Church Committee Meeting Notes Apr. 13, 2021

MINUTES OF THE CHURCH COMMITTEE MEETINGAPRIL 13, 2021 Attending: Pastor Kelly Thibeault, Leah Moynihan, Deanne Bellinger, Kris Collins, CindiBarkley, Edmund Clavette, Jim Koepfler, Jim and Deb Fennell, Jeannette Galvin, and Carolyn Chretien. Leah Moynihan, Moderator, called the meeting to order and asked Pastor Kelly to give an opening prayer. TREASURER’S REPORT:…
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