Annual Report of the Historian 2022

Annual Report of the Historian 2022

Here we are trying to get back to some type of normalcy after all our experiences with the COVID pandemic. The last three years of school tours have been an experience. First we were closed for a year, and then we saw three classes before shutting down again. Last year the schedule sent to us was a hard one. Pastor Kelly was on her sabbatical so that meant Ed Clavette and I had to handle it together. We usually see two classes two days a week, but in one week were asked to see two classes on three consecutive days! That’s way too much talking and bell ringing. Hopefully this year will be better.

We saw 287 children and 51 adults in 2021-2022. Since 2015 -2016 we have seen approximately 1,634 kids and 165 teachers and chaperones.

For those of you who may not know, the third grades in town are taught a unit about our local history. They spend one day at the Little Red Schoolhouse at the north end of town dressed in colonial costumes, seeing how school was back then. They use slates, play colonial games and eat lunch from small metal lunch pails. Then they visit the Woodcock Garrison House next door and have a tour of it, etc.

On another day they start at the Town Hall, visit our church, the Falls Fire Barn Museum, see the Powder House and cobblestone road. The Angle Tree Stone on Upper High St. used to be included. You may want to visit some of these places on your own to enjoy the town’s rich history.

When they visit here we tell them about our origins, point out features of our 1828 building, show them items in our historical cabinet and then the grand finale is showing off our 1000 pound bell and giving them the thrill of riding the rope as they ring the bell with Mr. Ed. We always have a few parents along on the tour who remember doing this when they were in third grade.

So that every child could experience the tour virtually, Pastor, Kelly and her husband Dan made a video along with Ed and I that was sent to the School Dept. If you’d like to see it, ask for directions.

We can always use another person to help out, so if you’re interested just speak to one of us.

Another need is still hoped for in the future. We need another fire proof file cabinet to store our important records in. We have two that are absolutely full.

Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn E. Chretien, Clerk /Historian