Church Committee Meeting Notes Feb. 9, 2021

Church Committee Meeting Notes Feb. 9, 2021

FEBRUARY 9, 2021

First meeting held following the Annual Meeting.

Attending: Leah Moynihan, Pastor Kelly Thibeault, Kevin Graves, Kris Collins, Cindi Barkley, Steve Mankavech, Ed Clavette, Deanne Bellinger, Jim Brinson, Jim Fennell, Jeannette Galvin, and Carolyn Chretien.

Our Moderator Leah Moynihan called the meeting to order and checked in with each person present to see how they were doing.


unable to be present. Reports sent later by email


  • Oil tanks for both buildings filled.
  • Wood from felled trees taken by neighbor as agreed
  • Failed emergency light in Maxcy Hall fixed.
  • Made device to attach shovel on the back of snow blower – -saves steps.
  • Pastor Kelly said a $500 donation had been made to Buildings and Grounds in memory of her Dad –David A. Kingman.


  • Deanne said that Jim Fennell, Cindi Barkley and John Schmalz had joined them.
  • She said we need to be thinking of open and affirmative.
  • Pastor Kelly said we are in action but not in name. A vote was taken on this issue several years ago.
  • Pastor said that the UCC charged to do this and that was an issue for her. It will be looked into.
  • Jim Fennell said a date to talk about this will be set up.

Leah then asked if any other ministries had new name to report.

  • Buildings and Grounds: Ed Collins staying on, no other new ones
  • Flowers: Doreen and Mike Dix had volunteered at the Annual Meeting
  • Jim Fennell: will send out updates as they come in.

Leah then asked each leader to write a job description to share with her and Pastor Kelly.

BOARD OF DEACONS: Planning to meet on Sunday Feb. 14. They usually meet on the
first Sunday of a month.

STEWARDSHIP MINISTRY: Stewardship Ministry meets the second Sunday


  • Pastor Kelly said we need to get the team up and running. We need to discuss things and listen to each other whether we agree or not.
  • Communication will be key.
  • She can put out information to schedule ZOOM meetings and links.
  • Ed asked what this reconnection team was. It’s a group to make plans to open the church safely when the time comes.
  • Some items brought up: when rate is under 1%, clean up of building, safety rules, etc., Will set guide for fund raising, etc.
  • Cindi Barkley and Kris Collins volunteered to help.
  • All hands will be needed when the time comes.
  • Pastor Kelly will put information in the Friday update.
  • Since Easter is Apr. 4th, Jim Brinson suggested that we get names starting in the middle of the month, roughly by Feb. 23rd, then meet Mar. 9th.
  • Kevin Graves is in surface disinfecting for work and can help us.
  • Jim Fennell suggested we name a point person to help gather names. Ed Clavette volunteered as a preliminary person.
  • Reconnection questions will be put out in an email.

SAVERS: Ed will be gathering a collection of goods for SAVERS to be in by Apr. 21. He’s set up a delivery date of Apr.28 with SAVERS. Steve offered to help.

Leah asked about next meeting. We usually meet the second Tuesday of each month. So we will meet on March 9 at 7 PM.

As there was no other business, Leah asked Pastor Kelly to give a closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn E. Chretien, Clerk

Next meeting: March 9, 2021