2017 Food Forward Ministry Report

2017 Food Forward Ministry Report


Our Food Forward Project was established in 2016 with the goal of helping those in our community who are food-insecure.

We raised the price of our Church suppers by $1, and it’s that extra dollar that funds the program. A great meal is enjoyed, and that little extra means someone else will eat as well, thus “paying it forward.”

In 2016, we raised $929 for Food Forward, and in 2017 we raised $809. Current recipients of the funds include Kid’s Summer Café and the Attleboro Homeless Shelter.

Kids Summer Café is a program sponsored by the Attleboro Interfaith Collaborative. It works to combat childhood hunger by providing children a healthy lunch when school is not in session. Many children who receive free or reduced lunches during the school year face a high risk of hunger when school is not in session. Free bagged lunches are distributed weekly at various parks and playgrounds. This past summer, over 2,900 lunches were served.

Attleboro Homeless Shelter is a “winter only” shelter providing basic overnight accommodations. The shelter cannot serve food and cannot be open during the day, so the residents are back on the street in the cold each morning. The Food Forward Program has purchased $5 McDonalds’ gift cards to be distributed to the shelter residents. That $5 gift card provides them with a meal and a brief respite from the cold.

We are considering other groups we can pay it forward to. If you have a suggestion for such a group please let us know!