2017 Historian’s Report

2017 Historian’s Report


This year has continued to be on the quiet side. We used to get several requests every year from people looking up their relatives, but the genealogy sites now available online make it much easier for folks.

Several of the gravestones that we had worked on with Ken Postle at Newell Burying Ground have since toppled again. Hopefully, when good weather comes, we can get a group together again to do some more work down there.

We received a gift of a cute red sleigh from Dyer-Lake Funeral Home, which has been displayed on the south lawn this holiday season. We also received a box of documents, etc. from the estate of Conrad Morel.

School TourThird-grade school tours begin at the end of February and end the first week of May – eight weeks, except for vacation weeks. We see fourteen classes along with their teachers and chaperones for a total of over four hundred visitors. We miss the help of Christine Pandozzi and are looking forward to someone who would like to help us out. Pastor Kelly, Ed Clavette, and I are doing it now. So if you would like to spend about three hours on a Wednesday morning, please speak to one of us. We love telling the old, old story to our youngsters!

Respectfully submitted,
Carolyn E. Chretien, Historian