2017 Pastor’s Annual Report

2017 Pastor’s Annual Report


The Rev. Kelly Thibeault
January 2018

My goodness, 2017 was a busy and blessed year in Oldtown! The year began with our worship theme “Following in the Footsteps of Jesus,” as we began to use the brand new Bibles that our congregation received for Christmas. Then during Lent, we took a slow reflective walk through Holy Week, reflecting on one day each Sunday. We also shared in a weekly “out of the box collection” that corresponded to the days of Holy Week, collecting: gently used coats, lotion, coins, socks and sharing food together at a potluck luncheon. That slow, reflective pace continued as we celebrated Easter for not only one weekend, but for the “Great 50 Days.”

Our young people continue to be an import part of our church family and they brought an abundance of joy to our congregation helping during our services and of course ringing our bell at the end of worship. On Children’s Day, the children of our Sunday school shared with us their favorite stories from the Bible; and throughout the summer we looked to children’s storybooks to open our hearts and minds. We also finally got a chance to celebrate the bats in our belfry with our first official “bat night!”

The fall brought an amazing gift to the church, with our new administrative assistant position. Hope Cahill, our administrative assistant began to work with me in the office providing not only help with bulletins and Friday emails, but she brought energy, excitement, new ideas and the wonderful gift of seeing the church through a different lens.

The fall also brought the start of a new adult education class which was enjoyed by many and Our Services of Comfort and hope which were offered on the first Thursday of each month, to serve as a time and space for people to find rest and solace. At the end of October, we celebrated the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. At the beginning of November, we celebrated All Saints Sunday and our congregation’s 305th birthday; and we finished out the month of November by pulled our Oldtown Float down the main street of North Attleboro, as more than 30 Oldtowners marching in the Santa Parade.’

The joy of Christmas was shared far and wide through our Christmas pageant and our Candlelight Christmas Eve Service, and we spend New Year’s Eve morning thinking about how we’ll spend our time in the coming year.

As a church family, we have shared joys and concerns together. We gathered to say farewell to Conrad Morel, who is now singing in the heavenly choir with his wife Dot and so many of our Oldtown Saints. We baptized 3 children, welcomed 5 new members into our church family and many new families into our community.

What an amazing year with an awesome church family! As always, I am humbled and honored to be journeying with all of you and I look forward to the coming year as continue to uncover the endless possibilities here in Oldtown!

See you in church!

Pastor Kelly