2017 Flower Ministry Report

2017 Flower Ministry Report


The flower committee thanks you all for your part in our wonderful holiday flower displays here at Oldtown. The spring plants and the poinsettias add to the beauty of our sanctuary.

We are blessed to have the lovely Hummel crèche, donated by the Greene family in memory of their daughter Marilyn Cleaves, and the larger crèche that was given by Conrad and Dorothy Morel. Some years, you will see the Hummels and some years the larger creche. This year the larger crèche was displayed as well as the Bethlehem town scene belonging to Terry Forbes.

Todd Garden was cared for by the Chretiens. It does not actually come under the care of the flower committee, but Carolyn and Henry have enjoyed taking care of it for many years. Thanks to those who contributed toward the cost of plants.

Special thanks to those who take care of the lawn and grounds, keeping our church looking good.

We thank those who have brought in fresh flowers in church for special times in your life or in memory of loved ones. We encourage those who would like to continue doing this. We would also love to share your garden flowers when they are in season.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeanette Galvin, Patricia Sanford, Jennie Twyman, Perilene Twyman