Fundraising Ministry Report for 2023

Fundraising Ministry Report for 2023

Fundraising supports a significant portion of our yearly budget. For 2023, we are happy to report that, once again, fundraising totals exceeded our expectations.

Suppers are back! After a two-year pause because of COVID, the “supper crew” held five suppers, putting smiles on the faces of our supper patrons. Everyone was thrilled to return to the Oldtown tradition. Along with that, we were able to collect $704 towards our Food Forward program. That money will be distributed in 2024 to those in need. Thanks to all who stepped up and made it all happen, especially our team leader, Ed Clavette.

We held three fairs this year: our Spring Fair in May, our Fall Fair in November, and our Winter Art & Craft Fair in December. You can read about them further in the Fair Report, but I can report that attendance at our fairs exceeded those in previous years. Everyone pitched in under the leadership of Kris Collins. Deb Fennell led the very successful Winter fair.

Our monthly pet clinic remains a popular offering for area pet owners. Dr. Peter Granville, DVM, continues to volunteer his services, providing vaccines and well visits. Half of the proceeds from the clinic go to our general fund, and the other half goes to our Building Fund. Thank you, Dr. Granville, for your generosity and your expertise.

We held three yard sales this year and one Savers collection. None of this happens without Ed Clavette’s leadership. Thanks also to Pat & Tom Sanford for their tireless support as well.

Again, thanks to Ed Clavette, we have a steady income from his online sales of items that were once destined for the yard sale. It’s a lot of work to post these items, sell them, and sometimes deliver them to the new owners. We really appreciate your hard work, Ed!

None of this would be possible without the hard work of our Church family. It’s often said, “Many hands make light work.” We stepped up to the plate, met the challenge, and had fun doing it! We all look forward to a successful fundraising year in 2024.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Koepfler for the Fundraising Ministry