Music Ministry Meeting Notes March 22, 2023

Music Ministry Meeting Notes March 22, 2023

Attendees: Ellen, Kelly, Jim, & Janice

Upcoming Events:
~ Next Music Ministry Meeting: Wed 5/24 @ 7pm
~ Next Come and Sing: Sat 4/22 @ 2pm

We went over the worship music through the Great 50 Days, and the Google music planning doc has been updated with a few additions/changes we discussed. We are good through Easter!

Rest of April:
We will need a second hymn (Janice put a few ideas in the Google doc), a Gathering Song, and a Gift of Music for 4/16, since the Fennells may be away. Kelly was going to ask Kait if she could perform “The Rose” for the Gift of Music. Is this confirmed?  If anyone would like to play something for the Gathering Song, please let us know! If not, Janice will play a hymn and invite the congregation to sing if they’d like.

We also need a Gathering Song and Gift of Music for 4/23, as the Fennells will be away this weekend as well. Ideas? Volunteers?

And finally, on 4/30, we just need a second hymn picked out (Janice put some ideas in the Google doc). Fennells are back!

Oldtown Singers will sing the Gift of Music on 5/7, which is a communion week. We haven’t really planned much else as far as music in May yet, but Kelly shared her anticipated messages with us so we can begin looking for possible hymns and gathering/gift of music songs. Janice has put a few ideas for hymns in the Google doc.

If anyone has ideas or would like to sing/perform something, please speak up!!!  We have been getting positive feedback that the congregation (including newcomers) loves to hear different instruments, styles, and voices. So your talents are very much appreciated!

I think that covers it. Please be sure to check out the Google doc and think about what beautiful music you might be able to share over the next few months!!!

And a big thank you to all who came to sing at the church this afternoon. You all sounded so wonderful in Maxcy Hall, I can not wait to hear how amazing you sound in the sanctuary tomorrow!!! See you then…