Oldtown Church Coffeehouse Crew Report 2020

Oldtown Church Coffeehouse Crew Report 2020

The Oldtown Church Coffeehouse was organized by North Attleborough High School junior and church member Kait Clavette and fellow church member Tammy England in June 2004 as a fundraiser for our steeple restoration. When Kait graduated in 2006, we formed an ad-hoc Coffeehouse Crew Committee to continue this ministry.

For the past 17 years this coffeehouse has been a welcoming place for the young people of our community to express themselves in music and poetry, supported by their peers. Yet our coffeehouses are open to performers and patrons of all ages.

These events are led by our community’s young people, with our Mission Ministry as sponsor to these events at the church. As each crew leader graduates and moves on to further education, we continue to be blessed with new leaders to take up the role. This year we were blessed with eight leaders from North Attleboro from January to May 2020: Meara Curran, Teddy Girouard; Bailey Hobbs, Jason Montes, Angela Olinyk, Elvis Young, Elizabeth Szajda, and Sam Willey.

These outstanding teams help to create a wonderful relationship between the ages in our community. Thanks also go to, Kelly Thibeault, Perilene Twyman, Darnell Horman, Cindi Barkley and Kevin Graves for their faithful support and tireless work at the coffeehouse.

Proceeds from these events are donated to charities, selected by the leaders, and range from local, to national and global levels. In 2020 they supported: New Hope and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Unfortunately due to the lockdowns and closure of our church the Coffeehouse events had been suspended until further notice.

Since its beginning in 2004 we have held 148 events. As of the close of 2020 these motivated and talented people have helped raise a cumulative total of $84,116!

I look forward to the day when we can resume these wonderful and beneficial events.

Respectfully submitted, Edmund Clavette