Report of the Christian Education Ministry 2022

Report of the Christian Education Ministry 2022

Though our year started with our church building having to close for 2 months because of the pandemic, we did not lose hope! When we returned to the building for the season of Lent, we continued to provide notebooks and worksheets for our children to use as they followed along in worship. Our worship bulletins also included boxes to encourage all ages to think and reflect on what they were hearing and experiencing.

While Pastor Kelly was away on sabbatical during the Great 50 Days, we pulled together as a congregation leading worship and learning even more about what it means to be the church. On the Sunday that the Christian Education Ministry was called to lead worship, we reflected on the importance of planting seeds.

On Pentecost Sunday, as we celebrated the return of Pastor Kelly and the coming of the Holy Spirit; we also celebrated the long-awaited return of Household Huddle! Over the summer, our young people shared a lemonade stand and little by little got back involved in participating in worship.

In the Fall, as our worship theme was “Come to the Table,” we offered a new adult education opportunity called “Breaking Bread and Sharing Sacred Stories.” For 6 weeks we gathered to hear and reflect on a scripture story as we shared bread and soup together. The program was well attended and there was wonderful conversation shared.

The boxes that we had in the bulletins during the spring blossomed into open conversation and more interactive worship during the fall. Our church family has learned to openly share their thoughts and insights about scripture and their faith during worship. On Christmas Sunday, aka “Pajama Sunday,” we all worked together to compose the ABC’s of Christmas as we reflected on all that we had learned during the advent season.

A year that started out with our building doors closed because of the pandemic, ended with the congregation worshipping together and having fun. This year we all learned the importance of working together and just how rich and sacred our worship can become when people of all ages openly share their wisdom, their imagination and their love of God and one another.

Respectfully Submitted,
Linda Vogler +++ Christian Education Ministry