Missions Ministry Annual Report 2022

Missions Ministry Annual Report 2022

The Missions Ministry officially came together to, for the most part, a full year of work. At that time we mapped out the remainder of the year with collections, recognitions, projects, and assistance in a variety of other church functions and services. They were as follows…


Undie Sundays – We held four collections. Each collection brought in more than two trash bags full of donations. Donations went to shelters, schools, and New Hope.

Coat Drive – We collected 49 coats and jackets and brought to several shelters and to the Veteran and Senior Centers

Stockings for the Homeless – 24 Men’s stockings were put together and distributed. Much joy was expressed from the recipients.

Adopted Families – Although only one family was adopted this year, the appreciation and joy from that one family was worth ten families.

Food Drive – It was decided that our church would have an on-going food collection. With the Food Pantry in such need, our weekly assistance is sure to help the community members in need. Many thanks go to Deanne Bellinger and Tom & Pat Sanford for their
continuous assistance with the delivery of the items


  • Continued on with the Member of the Month. Some of those recognized were: Janice Dumont, Tara Santsaver, Beth Sanford, Ed Clavette, and Tom Sanford
  • Continuance of the Prayer Shawl Ministry. Several were handed out.


  • Spring – Assisted with the Spring Fling Fair, under the direction of Kris Collins.
  • November – Assisted with the two-day Oldtown Fall Fair, under the direction of Kris Collins and Deanne Bellinger.
  • November – Assisted with the Hanging of the Greens


The Missions Ministry also worked on three project s for the year.

All-church Clean-Out. The members, along with Ed Clavette, Jim Fennell, Ellen Kingman, and others, cleaned out several areas of the church. Three classrooms were either emptied or organized. The Missions closet was reorganized. The Upper Room (bell room) and gone through, cleaned and organized. The Maxcy Hall storage closet was gone through and organized. The balcony music area was cleaned and organized. The Maxcy Hall Kitchenette was thoroughly gone through, cleaned and organized. It’s a never ending battle, but as long as we don’t become pack rats, and put things where they belong we should be able to keep a handle on it.

Filled in for Pastor Kelly. While the Pastor was away on sabbatical, The Missions Ministry led the Memorial Day service. It was filled with music, memories, and stories of patriotism. All seemed to enjoy some of the forgotten patriotic music. And to honor the day, the American flag was brought into the sanctuary.

The Missions Ministry also assisted or led the service of 4 of the Pastor’s vacation weeks. It was a great experience and it gives one an entirely different view from the pulpit.

We are continuously researching ways to “Welcome” visitors. One thing we are doing is providing name tags for each and every congregant of the church. These will be provided for each returning visitor as well. They will be distributed at Annual Meeting. It has been a personal gratification to see so much accomplished. But none of this would have been possible without the rest of the committee. Many heartfelt thanks to the ideas and executions of these accomplishments to the following: Deanne Bellinger, Dolores Charron, Doreen Dix, Janice Dumont, Janice Tondravi, Jeannette Galvin, Kris Collins, Leah Moynihan and Cyndy Stone.. And special thanks to the entire congregation for ‘never questioning…and always giving’.

Respectfully submitted,
Cindi Barkley +++ Missions Ministry Chairperson